It is too easy for executives to say “I don’t know where to start” when defining new requirements for a product. The truth is, product requirements should be one of the simplest procecesses about building a new product.

Most of the time the requirements process is inconsistent across industries, departments and teams – even when building the same type of product. The methodology doesn’t impact the overall success of the product if you do not start with the right questions.

Any leader can take a small block of time and work through the following questions.

1. In 10 words or less what problem am I trying to solve?
2. in 10 words or less what am I trying to build?
3. in 3 sentences or less what does this product do?
4. In a list form, what benefit will users have from this product?
5. in 10 words or less, how will users realize each benefit?

Requirements should not be complicated. Any person with any background can get started in creating new technology products or enhancing existing ones.